Current research includes an EXC 2020 post-doctoral research project, Peripety. On the Relation of Tragedy, Time and Theory (2019-).

This project aims at a reconstruction of the theory of peripety in Aristotle as well as in classical and later tragic texts in order to question its function and fungibility within philosophical discourse. In a number of case studies, the project will analyse how (even though it remains mostly unmentioned) the peripety and its temporal-logical structure can be located within metaphysics and the theory of time and history. In particular, turning points from knowledge to non-knowledge, from a happy to an unhappy conscience, shifts of epochs and their dramatisation as revolutions or subliminal processes of reform as well as the conception of the event as peripety in historical time will be scrutinised.

Thematic Einstein Forum „Scales of Temporality

Together with other researchers from EXC 2020 and from MATH+, the Thematic Einstein Forum Scales of Temporality: Modelling Time and Predictability in the Literary and the Mathematical Sciences wants to explore shared interests, common grounds and similar problems both the mathematical sciences and the Humanities. In comparing and confronting different models of temporality relevant in the two distinct fields of science, the Forum will contribute to a transdisciplinary dialogue and reflect on the various ways time might be conceptualised.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the Renaissance Society of America, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie, Deutsche Gesellschaft für französischsprachige Philosophie, and the Hans Blumenberg Gesellschaft

Research Interests:

History of Philosophy / Philosophy of History

Philosophy of the Renaissance and Early Enlightenment 



Rhetoric and Philology, Theory of Catachresis

History of Tragedy and Poetics

Theories of Languages, Signs and Literature and the Theory of Textuality and Intertextuality